Saturday, January 2, 2010

My First Post For 2010 ( The Blessings of 2009)

New year start of a new chapter in my life...I am very thankful for all the blessings that GOD has given me during the entire 2009...First was when i graduate in the Nursing School and took the Nursing Board Exam, luckily I passed it and had my oath taking in SMX Mall of Asia...After that was the most difficult part of my life (my bum days)...Many of my friends would ask me were are u now? What are u doing? Where do you work? What is your work etc...Maybe the latter question is the most difficult to answer. Why? Because they expect me to answer them that I am working with a certain hospital or institution since i am already a license nurse...But things went really surprising,I got a call from a certain pharmaceutical company telling me that I passed their standards and qualifications for the training of a certain product by one of the leading multinational pharmaceutical company, of course I was shocked about it but at the same time thankful to GOD for giving me the opportunity as a Professional Health Specialist Representative or in short a Medical Representative. As the training goes by I was very ecstatic and optimistic on its result because we were under the Expansion project of our Company...We even had our Revalida and we are required to pass that final examination inorder to be hired and start working in the field ...Here comes the result after all the hardworks i passed the Revalida knowing that it is very difficult and complex ...I started my work in the field December 1,2009 at last I belong to the work force and as of now I am very excited this January because this will be a very challenging work for us. May the Lord Almighty help us with our target...

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