Monday, January 4, 2010

MANIC Monday!!!

i woke up almost 6 in the morning and started my day right ... i thougt it will be a bumper to bumper traffic but it's not ... i went to th office and got my healthcard ... i went first to Molino where I encountered this terrible doctor asking for a lot of requirement that is not yet available in my hand... but still i got to talk with her for almost 30mins ...after that i went to Imus but not a potential place for my product ... plus a very bad lunch @ Mang Inasal Lotus Mall branch ... Hate that store a lot!!! i even got the chance to talk to the manager and told her that it this the way u prepare ur food with a plastic inside was a total disaster that I never want to happen anymore...After the day of stress I went back to office and got my uniform for I Love it!!!I am ecstatic to wear them ...All in all i still thank God for this wonderful day...

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