Thursday, March 27, 2008

7 Habits of Highly Defective Dating!

1. Dating tends to skip the friendship stage of a relationship.
C.S. Lewis describes friendship as two people walking side by side toward a common goal. Their mutual interest brings them together. In dating romantic attraction is often the cornerstone of the relationship. The promise of dating is “I’m attracted to you; therefore, let’s get to know each other”. The premise of friendship, on the other hand is “We’re interested in the same things; lets enjoy these common interest together.” If romantic attraction forms after developing friendship, it’s an added bonus. Intimacy without commitment is defrauding. Intimacy without friendship is superficial. A relationship based solely on physical attraction and romantic feelings will last only as long as the feelings last.

2. Dating often mistakes a physical relationship for love.
Focusing on the physical is plainly sinful. God demands sexual purity. And he does this because he is holy. He also does it for our own good. Physical involvement can distort two people’s perspective of each other and lead to unwise choices. God also knows well carry the memories of our past physical involvements into marriage. He doesn’t want us to live with guilt and regret. Physical involvement can make two people feel close. But if many people really examined the focus of their dating relationships, they’d probably discover that all they have in common is lust.

3. Dating often isolates a couple from other vital relationship.
Dating is about two people focusing on each other. Unfortunately, in most cases the rest of the world fades into the background. If you’ve ever felt like a third wheel when hanging out with two friends who are dating each other, you know how true this is. In Proverb 15:22 we read “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” If we make our decision about life based solely on the influence of one relationship, we’ll probably make poor judgments. The exclusive attention so often expected in dating relationship has a tendency to isolate them from the friends who love them most, family members who know them best, and sadly even God, whose will is far more important than any romantic interest.

4. Dating can distract young adults from their primary responsibility of preparing for the future.
One of the saddest tendencies of dating is to distract young adults from developing their God given abilities and skills. Instead of serving in their local church, instead of equipping themselves with the character, education, and experience necessary to succeed in life, many allow themselves to be consumed by the present needs that dating emphasizes. Dating may help you practice a good boyfriend or girlfriend but are these skills we need for marriage? Even if you’re going out with the person you will one day marry, a preoccupation with being the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend now can actually hinder you from being the future husband or wife that person will one day need.

5. Dating can cause discontentment with God’s gift of singleness.
Recreational dating causes dissatisfaction because it encourages a wrong use of this freedom. God has placed a desire in most men and women for marriage. Although we don’t sin when we look forward to marriage we might be guilty of poor stewardship of our singleness when we allow a desire for something God obviously doesn’t have for us yet to rub our ability to enjoy and appreciate what he has given.

6. Dating can create an artificial environment for evaluating another person’s character.
Dating creates an artificial environment for two people to interact in. as a result each person can easily convey an equally artificial image.

7. Dating often become an end itself.
For the man or woman who is ready to get married, the dating scene and the habits it encourages aren’t helpful. It can seem like you’re making something happen but just be getting into holding pattern of one short-term relationship after another.

From the book I Kissed Dating Goodbye of Joshua Harris.

tired of being a leader!

being a leader encompasses a lot of works and duties needed in order to fulfill something beyond the unusual. sinced gradeschool i was very active in many of co curricular activities inorder for me to cultivate my talents and of course to show to others my skills and abilities. but as of now i dont see any fulfillment in my job although i am very effecticve when it comes to group works still there is something that lacks and i dont know how can i escape from that unknown thing. i hate my members who always keep on pointing me to lead them.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

NCM 102 has ended!

wow i can't imagine how i survived the challenges during this 2nd sem. i can't believe im already a an upcoming senior student in our school. anyway congratulations to those who did it and for those who failed take it again with excitement to pass the subject!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

2007 Nursing Board Exams Topnotchers!

The Top 10 Passers:
1. Zandra Mae Zabaza Bongco Pamantasan Ng Lungsod Ng Maynila - 88.40
2. Robneil Dylan Sanchez Dellosa University Of Perpetual Help Rizal-Calamba Campus - 87.00
3. Joanna Kaye Binoya Remolar San Pedro College-Davao City - 86.80
4. Denise Claudia Dimatulac Mangiliman University Of Makati - 86.40
Neil Niño Sugitarios Navarra San Pedro College-Davao City - 86.40
Pedro Jr Posadas Tabernero Saint Dominic Savio College - 86.40
5. Joann Aguilar Candado West Negros College - 86.20
Betty Chua Chung University Of Makati - 86.20
Leslie Yap Coo Central Philippine University - 86.20
6. Katrina Victoria Luceño Akut Xavier University - 86.00
John Edward Vergil Villaflor Belardo Trinity University Of Asia (Trinity-Qc) - 86.00
Richard Baguio Saavedra Ateneo De Davao University - 86.00
7. Rosemarie Lu Go Western Mindanao State University - 85.80J
anuary Ivy Bacali Haspela Central Philippine University - 85.80
Cristine Valen Mendez Davao Doctors College, Inc. - 85.80
Julius Atalip Riazonda Saint Paul University-Tuguegarao - 85.80
8. Joreena Perida Alvaran Remedios T. Romualdez Medical Foundation - 85.60
Emlyn Limbo Escobar University Of La Sallete-Santiago - 85.60
Hernessa Torralba Hernandez Xavier University - 85.60
9. Gerrie Mae Lozada Angostura University Of Iloilo - 85.40
Sheryl Gaye Uy Cu De Los Santos College (Delos Santos School Of Nursing) - 85.40
Ayn Portia De Luna Galamgam San Pedro College-Davao City - 85.40
Germaine Lou Tabita Sanchez University Of San Agustin - 85.40
Marie Kathleen Cavida Santos Perpetual Help College Of Manila - 85.40
Mary Lenin Pepito Talisic San Pedro College-Davao City - 85.40
Jay Pong Yap Capitol University (Cagayan Capitol Coll.) - 85.40
Vivian Esparaz Yu De Los Santos College (Delos Santos School Of Nursing) - 85.40
10. Katrina Socorro Lapuz Cembrano University Of San Agustin - 85.20
Diana Jean Bernardo Mendoza Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College-Q. C. - 85.20
Jeggar Chris Envoltorio Sorianosos West Visayas State University-La Paz - 85.20
Aura Ydda Alyne Santiago Toreja Our Lady Of Fatima University-Valenzuela - 85.20

intense Action in the PICU!

i was assigned in the pediatric intensive care unit of the Ospital ng Muntinlupa last February! my very first exposure in an area like that was a one of a kind experience for me although the ambience in the room is not good still i managed to do my job! but one thing that i was shocked is that when one of our patient is suffering from a cardiac arrest. everybody in the room was electrified even the ROD and the RN themselves are in a hurry to save the life of the dying patient. on the other hand outside the room relatives of the patient were anxious about the condition of their child, and one of the most scariest thing happened that night was when one of the relative who is under the influence of alcohol confronted the Pediatrician on duty that it is the fault of the hospital of not giving enough medication to the child. well everyone on our group specially my clinical instructor was speechless. i can't imagine to experience situation like that again. as we go home we kept on thinking about the conditon of the child she is diagnosed with a positive typhoid fever probably Pseudomonas Infection, and when we arrived at the hospital for our last duty a sad story was open up by one of the nurse on duty the child died and again the family was on a state of shock that they can't accept the fact that their child was gone.
Note: it is the second time that a 14 year old child died in that place! frightening but it is true.