Tuesday, March 4, 2008

intense Action in the PICU!

i was assigned in the pediatric intensive care unit of the Ospital ng Muntinlupa last February! my very first exposure in an area like that was a one of a kind experience for me although the ambience in the room is not good still i managed to do my job! but one thing that i was shocked is that when one of our patient is suffering from a cardiac arrest. everybody in the room was electrified even the ROD and the RN themselves are in a hurry to save the life of the dying patient. on the other hand outside the room relatives of the patient were anxious about the condition of their child, and one of the most scariest thing happened that night was when one of the relative who is under the influence of alcohol confronted the Pediatrician on duty that it is the fault of the hospital of not giving enough medication to the child. well everyone on our group specially my clinical instructor was speechless. i can't imagine to experience situation like that again. as we go home we kept on thinking about the conditon of the child she is diagnosed with a positive typhoid fever probably Pseudomonas Infection, and when we arrived at the hospital for our last duty a sad story was open up by one of the nurse on duty the child died and again the family was on a state of shock that they can't accept the fact that their child was gone.
Note: it is the second time that a 14 year old child died in that place! frightening but it is true.

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