Friday, October 5, 2007

PSD adventure!

Phil. School For the Deaf is a public and government owned institution, it is where children with hearing disabilities, such as those deaf and with hard of hearing are being enrolled for the opportunity to study just like the normal child enrolled in a normal grade school. My visit to that school is a one of a kind adventure where i got to know a lot of information about that institution. I am amazed on how the teachers play their role as an advocate to the children with hearing disability. One amazing features of the school is that they are using the ASL or American Sign Language of course it is designed to their deaf students, and one of the challenging task for me is to learn on how to used it as a medium of communication. but of course not for my profession but for the purpose of getting to know the world of silence. And when we got to talk with a teacher in that institution i was again amazed on how he answers our question, for me she is a woman of wisdom, and when i had the opportunity to ask her degree she is proud to say that she is a BS psychology graduate! after the interview has subsided we went to the office of the guidance counselor and i am very thankful for their kindness and hospitality that they shown to us, i would suggest you guys to visit that institution it is one of the most fulfilling job that iv'e done

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