Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Delivery Room phenomenon!

before i was assign in fabella, I come first to experienced a lot of heartbreaking and dashing moments in the delivery room!

My first duty at 10pm was one of the exciting and nerve racking experienced for me, because of the reason that i still don't know the do's and dont's in that special area, my groupmates and I was a little bit anxious and afraid on what is our stand when a patient comes and oh my she is fully dilated!!! we didn't know what to do even our c.i. told us to relax and fell the beat still we were very afraid to face that real life situation! but despite of the shortcomings and a little bit idea on what is the real picture of a mother who is giving birt to his son we still managed the situation and thank God for the baby is alived and he is a babyBOY!

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