Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Mental Battle

"Learn the Art of Waiting" I always say this quote to everyone when it comes to waiting for something important that is essential to career or lovelife. After joining the pharmaceutical industry September 2009, I learned a lot of things from product training, sales dialogue or the much more known as product detailing. I should say that training is very important because it is an avenue for us to growth. I stayed with them for almost 9 months after hitting my quota for 4 consecutive months and being the number one phr in our division I got nothing even a single centavo. Because of this I started to weigh things should I stay or should I go? Then here comes a new company opening it's door for me saying that we will give u the security of tenure that u need and all the benefits that u did not enjoy with ur previous employer. Within one month of the hiring process i decided to quit with the first one and started to join the training with the second one.

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