Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Mental Battle Part II

The Right Company in The WRONG time!

being a representative from the marketing agency is not that easy u will experience a lot of problems as u go along, maybe that's the reason why i decided to move in to another company. But without me knowing the pro's and con's I made a big decision that brought a drastic change in my career as a PHR.I started my training last july in makati and the so called expansion gave us the notion of a good career in the future with the no.2 pharmaceutical company in the world. But as we go along during the training questions arises.Rumors start to spread in and out of the 4 corners of AIM,confirmation was done by the training managers. The expansion was NOT approved due to "lack of study"???. Everyone was anxious angry and emotions start to fill in. A lot of us was shock. What will happen to us? What is the consequence of the disapproval? What will the company do to almost a hundred of us that they try to hire? To be honest result was not good. After aspiring to be the topnotcher in the training then u will be given with the so called associate position? or even referring those who did not make it to a third party AGAIN? Fortunately I am one of the unlucky people selected to be given with the so called Associate Position if you know what it is all about u will not like it.

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