Monday, January 21, 2008

princple of maleficence in the clinical area!

we as student nurses are trying our best not to harm or do any mistakes when taking care for our patients, as supervised by our clinical instructor we comply to the rules and regulation and th patients bill of rights, observing the rights of every patient is very impiratant specially when giving of medications. i experienced a lot of situation where i always give a quality nursing care for my patient i always observe and see to it that any procedure that i will do is safe, but why there are still some who commits mistake? im not blaming them for we are not perfect person we are created by God capable of committing mistakes also, in the end it is still our loss of harming people again it is against the principle of maleficence, im hoping that in the future, there will be less mistake and harm to prevent any negative effect on our patient.

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