Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Medical Ward@ UPHMC

we started or exposured in this area last year, at first i was afraid of staying there for a long time but as of now im slowly learning a lot from it, doing the morning care, vital signs, giving of medications and a whole lot more is a must in staying in this field. i agree to most of the students that it is boring toi stay long in this area, but a nursing students life will not be complete without this one! i would like to share my experienced a while ago in the hospital, the diagnosis of my patient ia acute gastrointestinal infection or in laymans term just like an increase in the gastric and bowel movement, thus the only difference is that it is caused by a bacteria or virus that stays in the gi tract of a person! while i was about to enter the room i was shocked and i hate to see those 2 child in the hospital bed, not knowing that they are brothers and sons of a RN! wooh i said to myself i must be attentive with the needs of these two young men! upon getting the temperature i already prepared my conventional thermometer to place it in the axilla of the older child i was shocked because the child get mad and was crying saying that i dont like that i dont like that! i think that was one of the most embarassing moment i ever experience i the ward! but as mi clinical instructor help me in dealing with the child i was amazed by how she uses therapeutic communication to tell the child that this will not hurt you!

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