Wednesday, July 29, 2009


After four years of hardwork and dedication in the College of Nursing it paid off a lot when i hear about the news that i was one of those successful examinees in the JUNE 6-7 2009 NLE.I was really anxious about it before the results were released I even experienced headache,DOB, palpitations and even stable angina. But when I learned about the news all those symptoms of severe anxiety was gone. I feel so blessed that time, I was in Manila with my friends and I am very thankful with my friend named Ariane she was the one who tried to reach me and ask me about my middle name because she wasn't sure about it, and when i confirmed it to her we both shout and said Thank you Lord God."RN na kami". After that text messages from my family and friends started to fill in my inbox saying congratulations and some words of wisdom and inspirations which i was very touched. I would like to give thanks to my FAMILY and Relatives for thier everlasting support and love for me. My ALMA MATER-UNIVERSITY OF PERPETUAL HELP SYSTEM DALTA-LP CAMPUS and My PRNster FAMILY for the knowledge and wisdom that i got from them most especially from Ms.Karleen and Sir REX Quilla who tried to reach me for the last minute I salute Him, and to my real friends for the continuous care and support.

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