Tuesday, August 5, 2008

POC tour!

last week we have our tour at the phil. orthopedic center located at quezon city.all of us in the group were excited and very eager to see the conditions of all the patients, most of them are for long term therapy and rehabilitation. as we enter in the nursing education building i was shocked because of a huge number of nursing students were waiting for their clinical instructor. it was a very special day for our mentor bacause it's her birthday and now on her golden year. as we go on to the different areas of the hospital my heart was touched by the conditon of many children with potts disease the most common cause of their stay in the hospital. many of them have their traction, cast and braces. i was really emphatic during that time. another area in the hospital was for the male ward mostly of them are also bedridden because of injuries inflicted to them such as vehicular accidents, fall, gun shots etc. our tour last only for about 4hours but poc will be one the hospital that i will never forget and will leave a memory for a lifetime!

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